Irradiador Gamma con Soporte de Calibración UDG-AT130

UDG-AT130AT110 Gamma beam irradiator with calibration bench is designed for verification, calibration and examination of ionization radiation measurement instruments in collimated field of gamma radiation.








Operating principle

Irradiator based on the useof radionuclide sources of 137Cs, additionally 60Co and 241Am.
The installation scheme is realized with a fixed irradiator and linear-positioned platform of calibration bench.
The range values ??of dose rate of gamma radiation is achieved by using different sources of 137Cs with different activity and changing in the distance "a source-detector".
Sizeof the radiation field varies by distance "a source-detector" or diameter collimator channel.
The positioning of calibrated equipment in the collimated gamma beamis provided bythe calibration stand.
Management function of the stand is carried out by means of software and portable control panel.

Metrological assurance of gamma radiation dosimetry:

  • Laboratories for research, adjustment and serial production of dosimetric instruments
  • Metrology laboratories focused on calibration and verification of dosimetric instruments
  • Secondary standard dosimetric laboratories (SSDL)



  • Up to 6 gamma sources in irradiator protection container
  • Software, motion control sources in theirradiator
  • Automatic and manual positioning
  • Movingsources in the irradiator using digital servomotors φ and Z, the moving platform – servomotor X
  • Centering the reference and calibrated equipment using laser systems
  • Remote monitoring the indicated value of calibrated instruments using video surveillance system
  • Availability of audio system for communication operators in the working room and control room
  • Lock system and visual alarms of source position
  • Continuous control of radiation environment
  • Video control system for operating room
  • Safe braking and travel limitation of movable platform
  • Emergency power sources
  • Download the sources in the installation using load-transfer device, transferring container and accessory set


Used gamma radiation sources, maximum activity  
          137Cs 9.6·1013 Bq (2600 Ci)
          60Co 7.2·109 Bq (0.2 Ci)
          241Am 1.6·1010 Bq (0.4 Ci)
Range of formed kerma rates, for 137Cs 0.36 μGy/h –4836 mGy/h
Collimation unit ø60 mm or 90 mm, length 150 mm
Elevation of radiation beam axis (1500±30) mm
Accuracy of positioningthe sourceheight ± 1 mm
Time to transfersourceto the operating position not more than 20 s
Own radiation backgroundin the mode “storage”,  
at a distance 1 m, does not exceed 0.60 μSv/h
Basic error ± (4 – 7) %
Operating distance range (R) 0.3 m- 7 m
Reproducibilityofthe movingplatform by coordinateX less than 0.5 mm
Display stepof working distance 0.1 mm
Absolute error of positioning not more than 0.002 R
Platform travel speed from 0.9 mm/s up to 26 cm/s
The range of operational movementsof moving table:  
          vertically from the floor from 1250 to 1550 mm
                    along the radiation beam axis horizontal (axis Y) ± 50 mm
                    across the radiation beam axis (axis Z) ± 140 mm
          around a vertical axis in increments of 15º 360º
Weightof equipment installed:  
          on moving table up to 35 kg
          on moving platform up to 75 kg
Operation mode setup time not more than 1 min
Continuous operation time not less than 24 h
Power supply 230 (±23) V, (50 ± 1) Hz
Required power not more than 1000 V·A
Operating temperature range from +15°C to +25°C
Relative humidity up to 80%
Dimensions, no more:  
           irradiator 640x640x1950 mm
           base 8000x860x200 mm
           movable platform 910x855x1820 mm
           movable table 270x330 mm
           operator's workplace (sq.) 3500x1500 mm
Weight, no more:  
           irradiator 1370 kg
           base 135 kg
           movable platform 70 kg
           movable table 100 kg
           operator's workplace 150 kg
Dimensions of the working room 10x5x3.5 m


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