Mesa de Calibración AT-03

AT-03AT-03 Automated calibration stand is designed for positioning of standard and calibrated dose rate and dose measuring instruments in X-ray field.








Operation principle

Calibration stand provides positioning of standard and calibrated equipment on the desktop and moving them to a specified working distance from the X-ray irradiators using a positioning system.
Stand coordinates are linked to the center of the irradiator and of the X-ray beam axis based on the alignment results using the measuring rods and laser systems.
Stand management functions are carried out by the software and a portable control panel.
The video surveillance system is used for remote reading of indications on the scales of calibrated devices. 



Metrological assurance of x-ray dosimetry:

  • Application in the reference and calibration dosimetric installations for X-ray
  • Metrology laboratories to graduate and verify dosimetry equipment
  • Second standard dosimetry laboratory (SSDL)



  • Precision positioning of the reference and calibrated equipment
  • Positioning of the moving tableto the coordinates X, Y, Z using digital servos
  • Centering the reference and calibrated equipment using stands, measuring rods and laser systems
  • Fixation of the coordinate X to the centre of irradiator
  • Automatic and manual positioning
  • Remote monitoring the indicated value of calibrated instruments using video surveillance system
  • Performing function of equipment protection:
    • control and limitation of movement range of  the platform and the desktop
    • feed and control circuit protection with automatic circuit breaker and quick-break fuse
  • Possibility to place one or two X-ray irradiators with filter system


Registered radiation type Gamma radiation
Detector Geiger-Muller counter tube
Measurement range of ambient radiation 0.1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h (10 µR/h – 1000 R/h)
dose rate equivalent  
Basic fractional error of dose rate ±15% max.
Energy range 60 keV - 3 MeV
Sensitivity 4.0 cps/µSv·h-1
Energy dependence of sensibility within -25% to +35%
energy ranges of 60 keV to 1.25 MeV  
Ambient temperature monitoring range -30°C to +50°C
Data display LED display with step brightness control
     Displayed information Dose rate, ambient temperature,
  current time and date
     Time format Hours:Minutes, Days:Months
     Maximum legibility distance at any time 30 m
     of day  
Working temperature range  
     Detection unit and data display -30°C to +50°C
     Control unit +5°C to +40°C
Relative humidity with air temperature +35°C Up to 95%
without condensation  
Protection class  
     Detection unit IP57
     Data display IP21
     Control unit IP50
Power supply 230 V(± 23 V), 50±1 Hz
Backup power supply Integrated backup power supply 12 V
  and +24 V
Power consumption Up to 100 W
Overall dimensions  
     Data display with detection unit 1095x392x300 mm
     Control unit 500x650x150 mm
     Data display with detection unit 25 kg
     Control unit 30 kg


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