Monitor de Actividad Gamma AT1320C

AT1320CHighly sensitive selective wide-range spectrometric scintillation gamma activity monitor is intended for measuring volumetric (specific) radionuclide activity in 131I, 134Cs, 137Cs, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th samples with 1 litre Marinelli beaker and 0.5 litre and 1 litre flat containers.








  • Spectrometric smart probe
  • Internal continuous automatic LED stabilisation of gamma counter energy scale, calibration integrity monitoring and automatic calibration with integrated KСl sample
  • Radionuclide identification
  • Automatic background substraction
  • Sample activity measurement for materials with wide density range
  • Can be used both in stationary and mobile radiation monitoring laboratories
  • Methodological and metrological support of measurements


  • Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
  • Potable water monitoring
  • Foodstuffs monitoring
  • Agricultural products monitoring
  • Mineral raw materials, soils, construction materials, wood products monitoring
  • Product, raw material and waste monitoring in smelting, mining and oil industry
  • Radioactive waste and effluent monitoring in nuclear industry

Gamma activity monitor operating principle is based on the detection unit pulse-height distribution analysis. Controlling PC reads the detection unit data on-line, processes it and displays on computer screen.
The installed PC application software is intended for controlling the activity monitor operation modes, viewing the recorded information, calculating gamma-radionuclide activity and measurement error for chosen measurement geometry, and managing electronic history log of measurement results.
Measurement procedure includes preliminary analysis of sample radionuclide composition. Activity calculation is carried out based on the results of monitored sample radionuclide identification procedure.

AT1320C Gamma Activity Monitor meets International standard requirements: IEC 61563:2001
Safety standard requirements: IEC 61010-1:1990
EMC requirements: EN 55022:1998+A1:2000+A2:2003, EN 55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003, IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IEC 61000-4-3:2008, IEC 61000-4-4:2004, IEC 61000-4-11:2004


Detector Scintillation NaI(Tl) ø63x63 mm
Measurement range for volume (specific) activity  
            Measurement geometry - Marinelli beaker 1l  
                                               131I 3...4·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 3...1·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 3.7...1·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 50...2·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               226Ra 10...1·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               232Th 10...1·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - Marinelli beaker 0.5l (measurements are done in 1l Marinelli beaker with a sample of 0.5l volume)  
                                               134Cs 5...1·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 5...1·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 70...2·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - Flat-type container 0.5l  
                                               131I 20...4·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 20...4·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 20...4·105 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 200...2·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - "Denta" container 0.1l  
                                               131I 50...1·106 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 50...1·106 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 50...1·106 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 500...2·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
Intrinsic relative error of volume (specific) activity measurement ±20% max.
Relative energy resolution for 137Cs <8%
Measured sample density range 0.1...3 g/sm3
Minimum measured activity for 1-hour measurement with statistical error ±50% (P=0.95), max.  
            Measurement geometry - Marinelli beaker 1l  
                                               131I 4 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 4 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 5.7 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 78 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               226Ra 12 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               232Th 10.4 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - Marinelli beaker 0.5l  
                                               134Cs 8 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 8 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 110 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - Flat-type container 0.5l  
                                               131I 20 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 20 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 20 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 260 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
            Measurement geometry - "Denta" container 0.1l  
                                               131I 50 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               134Cs 50 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               137Cs 52Bq/l (Bq/kg)
                                               40K 690Bq/l (Bq/kg)
Energy range of measured gamma radiation 50 keV...3 MeV
Number of ADC channels 1024
Integral nonlinearity ±1% max.
Intrinsic background for 137Cs window <2 cps
Operation mode setup time 10 min
Continuous run time ≥24 h
Measurement instability during continuous service ≤3%
Operating temperature range 0°C...+40°C
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤30°C without condensation ≤75%
Overall dimensions, weight (without PC)  
            Detection unit ø97x350 mm, 2 kg
            Protection unit ø600x700 mm, 125 kg
            USB-DU adapter 95x51x33 mm, 0.07 kg

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