Dosímetro de Rayos X AT1103M

AT1103MUnique highly-sensitive devise for measuring radiation exposure on crystalline lens, mucus membranes and skin.
Measures directed dose equivalent rate of continuous X-ray radiation with energy from 5 keV.









Operating principle

NaI(Tl) ø9x2 mm scintillator with beryllium window is used in the dosimeter as an X-ray detector.
Method of measuring directed dose equivalent rate is based on determining of instrument spectrum and its non-continuous weighing with normalization per dose rate unit. Thus energy dependence is corrected, which is common to pulse counting mode.  


  • Monitoring accepted levels of X-ray radiation with low-energy and intensity from video display units, night vision devices, oscillographs, TV receivers, microwave emitters, ion implanters, search and medical continuous X-ray apparatus
  • Certification testing of instruments and equipment with sources of unused X-ray radiation, protective measures management
  • Dosimetric control during work with 55Fe, 239Pu, 109Cd, 129I, 241Am, 57Co, 139Ce etc. isotopes.


  • Search for X-ray and low-energy gamma radiation sources
  • Quick accommodation to changes in radiation level
  • Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded
  • Memory function for 100 measurement results
  • Integrated system for measurement path LED stabilization, so there is no need for check radioactive source
  • Analog-to-digital converter foe 256 channels
  • Measurement results can be written, stored and transmitted into PC using RS 232 interface
  • Dust and splash-proof design
  • Not for natural background measuring
  • Background component correction during measuring

AT1103M X-ray radiation dosimeter meets International standard requirements:
IEC 60846-1:2009
Safety standard requirements: IEC 61010-1:1990
EMC requirements: EN 55022:1998+А1:2000+А2:2003, EN 55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003,
IEC 61000-4-2:2001 IEC 61000-4-3:2008
AT1103M X-ray radiation dosimeter has the pattern approval certificates of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  IEC 61000-4-2:2001 IEC 61000-4-3:2008 IEC 61000-4-2:2001 IEC 61000-4-3:2008


Detector NaI(TI) Ø9x2 mm with beryllium window
Directed radiation dose equivalent rate measurement range 50 nSv/h...100 µSv/h
Directed radiation dose equivalent measurement range 50 nSv...5 mSv
Limit of intrinsic relative measurement error ±15% max.
Registered X-ray radiation energy range 5 keV...160 keV
Sensitivity for 241Am 400 cps/µSv·h-1
Sensitivity energy dependence relating to 241Am in the following range:  
     5 keV...60 keV ±35%
     60 keV...160 keV ±30%
Calibration error for 241Am ±5% max.
Maximum statistical load 6·104 sec-1
Detectable 241Am activity at 0.5 m distance for ≥2 sec 1000 kBq (27 µCi)
Operation mode setup time ≤5 min
Power supply Internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery
or AC power adapter
Continuous run time ≥24 h
Working temperature range 0°C...+40°C
Relative air humidity with temperature ≤35°C without moisture condensation ≤90%
Protection class IP54
Overall dimensions 233x85x67 mm
Weight 0.9 kg


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